Liability Claims

Protocol Insurance Services has decades of experience handling liability claims throughout Nevada and Arizona. Whether it is a limited assignment or full adjustment, our years of experience have provided the insight and local knowledge required to efficiently perform the task requested.

Our team includes personnel with no less than 20 years of liability experience. Having followed many cases through the trial process allows us to interview witnesses, insureds, and claimants with an eye to the many intangibles that create or take from a cases value.

Mediations, full adjustments, limited investigations, damage appraisals, task assignments: you decide how you want to employ our abilities. We have worked with experts in many fields over the years that can be employed to your benefit. Whether it be accident reconstructionist, mediators, medical forensics, biomechanical engineers, medical bill audit or physician peer review, private investigators, forensic engineers, industrial hygienists, attorneys with various specialties, accountants, we will recommend to you if appropriate so that you can be best equipped. In many areas, e.g. low impact collisions, we offer unique investigative products in conjunction with affordable mechanical engineers.

Our staff employs the latest report prep and delivery tools to speed the process: digital recordings, diagramming, digital and film photography, videography, email reporting. Legal research tools are also available to you through our sources. We subscribe to a number of industry journal that keep our staff current on the latest developments in the several adjusting fields. We are also licensed users of various data providers (e.g. lexus/nexus) to gain necessary information in a legal fashion. If the information is legally available, we feel we can access for you at a reasonable cost.

Our Liability Services Include:
•Liability Claims
•Claim Mediation Services
•Accident Reconstruction Services